Little Death

series: Little Death
publish date:
edition: 1
language: English
coloring: two color

He comes when he is least expected. You hear a knock at the door. You fear the worst: it’s Little Death. But is he here for you? Or your cat?

Little Death, the pint-size death merchant in the black suit, is the creation of Thomas Kriebaum. Created initially as a response to his previous, critically-acclaimed book Life, and riffing on the premise of Death in Venice, it wasn’t until Kriebaum saw Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman that he thought of Little Death as a world-weary, door-to-door salesman, plying his trade to the unwelcoming public.

The result is Little Death, a smart and witty interpretation of the time old question of what to do if death came knocking at your door? Told in 14 stories. Kriebaum’s Little Death may be child-like in size, but sports a smart black suit, a dashing cap and tinted glasses over his ‘deathly’ pale face. Along his journey to collect his due souls, we are transported from a Nighthawks styled diner to various apartment complexes- meeting dramatic starlets, the familiar little old ladies, and the unsuspecting public just going about their errands.

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