The Lonely Matador

artist: Jay Wright
publisher: Centrala
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 60: Hard Cover

This book serves as homage to the late Bullfighter Juan Belmonte. Despite his shy and insecure personality Belmonte was an accomplished and rambunctious man. He overcame the disability of deformed legs to create superior technique as a bullfighter. Belmonte introduced the technique of standing erect firm in his feet, and with skilful cape work he would divert the bull’s charge so the horns barely missed him.
After years of injuries, wine, cigars and countless affairs with women a, doctor advised him to give it all up, Juan decided he would rather die. He took one last ride around his ranch on his horse, then shot himself in the head.
The story in this book depicts a tale of retirement in the absence of his suicide.
Juan Belmonte was, and still is considered to be one the most revolutionary bullfighters of all time.

With two posters and other subtle extras!

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