Minor Miracles

tekenaar: Will Eisner
uitgever: W.w. Norton
taal: Engelstalig
inkleuring: black/white
afgeprijsd van: € 0,00

MINOR MIRACLES (2000) is a collection of four remembrances of apocryphal stories or "meinsas" that filled the air of the tenements and streets of Dropsie Avenue (the same neighborhood found in A Contract with God and Dropsie Avenue). The full title of this Eisner work is Minor Miracles: Long Ago and Once upon a Time Back When Uncles Were Heroic, Cousins Were Clever, and Miracles Happened on Every Block.

These are stories of outrageous fortune and unlucky coincidence that, like memories themselves, are subjective and often unreliable — but ultimately miraculous. Like the tall tales still told in neighborhoods everywhere, the stories in Minor Miracles provide people with something to share, something to cling to, and something to believe in.

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