Museum of Terror Vol. 2

artist: Junji Ito
volume: 2
publisher: Dark Horse
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 376:
genres: horrormanga

Think you've seen about all there is in horror? Maybe the same tired concepts of phones ringing and mysterious murders is getting a bit old? Well, then we've got the horror manga for you!

Junji Ito, the man who brought the world Uzumaki, has one of the most inspired minds in horror today. That's why Dark Horse manga is proud to bring you more from Ito's Museum of Terror series.

Continuing with his "Tomie" stories, about an eternally youthful and perfectly beautiful girl who inspires people to commit murder, Volume Two promises to invent new ways to shock you. For instance, who'd have thought of making sake out of the remains of the killed and hammered-to-mush Tomie? See? It's crazy! Junji Ito promises to entertain you in the most cracked, yet pretty ways.

• From Junji Ito, Japan's foremost horror manga artist.

• With "Tomie," Ito won the Umezu Prize, based on Kazuo Umezu, considered to be horror manga's Tezuka-grade creator.

• Seven movies and five made-for-T.V. specials have been produced from Ito's works.

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