artist:  Matt Forsythe 
series: Ojingogo 
publisher: Drawn And Quarterly 
language: English 
pages: 152
genres: no text

Nominated for 2 Eisner Awards for best web comic, winner of an Expozine award, and hailed by the Montreal Mirror, Matthew Forsythe’s Ojingogo is already highly anticipated. Exuding simplicity in design and narrative, Ojingogo is an illustrated, dreamscape of abstracts and events. The otherworldly pantomime about a girl, her squid, and the creatures and calamities they experience together, is an intrinsically expressive and deeply rewarding journey. Drawing from Forsythe’s Korean influences, Ojingogo is accessible for all ages, tossing aside traditional narrative conventions in favour of creating its own world, language and rules that anyone can find a home of their own in.

€ 14,95