On the Ropes

artist:  Dan Burr 
series: On the Ropes 
publisher: W.w. Norton 
publish date: 13-03-2013 
language: English 
coloring: black/white 
pages: 256

In this long-awaited sequel to the legendary graphic novel Kings in Disguise, a young circus hand gets involved in dangerous underground activity. Set in 1937, On the Ropes continues the story of Fred Bloch, now apprenticed to escape artist Gordon Corey, a star attraction in a traveling WPA circus. Though damaged by the Depression and haunted by past mistakes, each man holds the key to the other's salvation - but each also harbors a secret that could lead to their mutual destruction. Enacted against a backdrop of violent labor unrest and a nation's faltering recovery, On the Ropes is a breathtaking visual achievement that delivers a powerful, timeless story.

€ 24,95