The Yellow Menace

artist:  Matt Kindt 
series: Pistolwhip 
volume: 2 
publisher: Top Shelf 
publish date: 2002 
language: English 
coloring: black/white 
pages: 144

"Another great success from Hall and Kindt; it’s great to see that not only do they still have it, but they keep getting better with each new project." -- Greg McElhatton, icomics.com

"Richer, more complex, yet deceptively simple and innocent. Pistolwhip: The Yellow Menace absolutely shines." -- Matt Fraction

The Pistolwhip boys are back with the highly anticipated and thrilling new narrative that's really going to make your Pistolwhip machine hum! Jack Peril is the beloved hero of radio, comics, and the silver-screen, but is his existence merely fictional? What does a series of grisly murders and a new lecture series condemning the pulse-pounding parables of said Mr. Peril have to do with it all? And just who is The Yellow Menace? Mitch and Charlie, along with Ray (the luckless cop) and Isla (the inquisitive maid), plan to find out in this clever (and probably first ever) parody of "Seduction of the Innocent"!

€ 14,95