Prison Pit
Book Four

artist:  Johnny Ryan 
series: Prison Pit 
volume: 4 
publisher: Fantagraphics 
publish date: 01-10-2012 
edition: 1 
language: English 
coloring: black/white 
size: 165 x 216mm  

As always, a plot summary of the latest installment of Johnny (Angry Youth Comix) Ryan’s hugely popular sci-fi-prison-planet-gore-fest-slugfest-a-thon serial must, in order to be presentable to normal, decent human beings, be cut into fine Belgian lace. And so, with apologies:

“Cannibal F***face discovers the only way to escape the Caligulon is to brainf*** the Slorge and create a giant, brainless oafchild that only knows how to annihilate everything in its path. And what happens when the Slugstaxx show up and use their nightj*** to turn this mindless monster against CF? Total F***ing Mayhem.”

€ 12,99