Propeller man

series: Propeller man
volume: 8
publisher: Dark Horse Comics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
used condition: very good

In a secret research laboratory buried deep under the ice and snow of Antarctica, something has gone terribly wrong. An experiment codenamed LV-10 has escaped from its confinement and is loose in the base. The problem: LV-10 was designed as the ultimate bio-technological war machine...and it seems to have gone crazy.

Within minutes after its escape, it had utterly destroyed the base, killing all within. It then left to search for "the Other"-a previous experiment which it felt a strange kinship with. That search brought it thousands of miles until it came into the heart of the city. There, military copters managed to wound it sufficiently to force shutdown. Its only choice was to wait for the Other. 

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