Stories for which there are no surviving masters

Porky Pig "Porky and the mounties" Andy Pandam Droopy "Serum to

artist: Carl Barks
publisher: Kim Weston
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color

Original proofs of most stories by Carl Barks are used worldwide in reproducing his work. But for a few stories, there are no existing proofs, and they must be reprinted by making new masters of the work from printed comic books. This book features new restorations for 3 stories by Carl Barks for which there are no known proofs. Barks' only Porky Pig story, "Porky of the Mounties", now has been restored with new black line art plates and completely recolored. Barks' Andy Panda story and the Droopy story "Serum to Nome" have also been restored with new black line art plates, which help the art stand out clearly from the coloring. The coloring on these two stories is not completely new, but has been cleaned up and the color registration has been greatly improved.

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