artist: Gary Panter
series: Satiroplastic
publisher: Drawn & Quarterly
language: English
Hard Cover
genres: art

What makes the original punk rock artist tick? Satiroplastic is Gary Panter's sketchbook from December 1999 - November 2001. This hardcover facsimile edition of the pocket sketchbook diary shows the everyday creative spasms of this iconic designer-painter-cartoonist-illustrator.

In his introduction, Panter explains the first rule of the madness of his sketchbook: the pages and drawings are not in chronological order. Scenes from a family vacation to Oaxaca, Mexico, Brooklyn still-lifes, 9/11 images are interspersed with comics and illustrations buzzing with manic genius.

Praise for Gary Panter:

"As the graphic designer of television's Pee Wee's Playhouse and creator of the underground comic strip Jimbo, Gary Panter combines whimsy and the sublime."–Architecture Magazine

"And on the subject of the strange and visionary... Anyone who saw Mr. Panter's previous work at the [Pierogi] gallery knows what a treat he is." –Holland Cotter (art critic), The New York Times

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