artist:  Ted Jouflas 
series: Scary 
publisher: Fantagraphics 
publish date: 01-12-1997 
language: English 
coloring: black/white 
pages: 104

You saw her in Weirdo as "Batgirl" and "The Monster." Now Winkie is back in this all-original graphic novel. Written with a sadistic wit and drawn in a style bold and demented enough to compare to Ralph Steadman, Jouflas's debut work follows Winkie on the most hellacious misadventure of her life, a tale of debauchery, crime, neuroses, greed, lust, psychoses, vengeance, love, rage, mystery, comedy, and sorrow. Co-starring Dave the French Poodle, Mensa the Cat, Dr. Nimrod, Princess Pretender, and Candyass the Hillbilly, Scary is the bastard offspring of "Fractured Fairy Tales" and the black-and-white horror films of the '30s and '40s.

"[Scary] would appeal to fans of Charles Bukowski and William Burroughs and would fit in...collections where Horror Hosiptal Unplugged is popular." – Library Journal

€ 12,95