Shock SuspenStories
Issues 1-6

tekenaar:  Various Artists 
nummer: 1 
uitgever: Gemstone 
uitgiftedatum: 2006 
druk: 1 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
pages: 212
genres: classichorror

Acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg authors the foreword for the first volume of EC’s spectacular anthology title, Shock SuspenStories. Collecting the first six issues (including 24 stories), this edition features stories by EC publisher Bill Gaines and writer-editor Al Feldstein. Those tales are illustrated by a Hall of Fame-worthy line-up including Jack Kamen, Jack Davis, Joe Orlando, Graham Ingels, Wally Wood, Feldstein himself and Marie Severin. This volume also includes notes from Russ Cochran about Feldstein’s approach to storytelling.

€ 49,95