The Finance Smurf

artist:  Peyo 
series: Smurfs 
volume: 18 
publisher: Papercutz 
publish date: 26-09-2014 
language: English 
coloring: full color 
pages: 56

When Papa Smurf is hurt in a lab accident he sends a Smurf to the good wizard Homnibus for help. Although Homnibus has a cure, he needs to buy some seeds he's missing for the recipe. Fascinated by this exchange of commerce among the humans, the Smurf returns to Smurf Village as Finance Smurf! After teaching his fellow smurfs how to buy things with money, some smurfs get rich while others don't, and things quickly tumble into disarray. Will the Smurfs find a way back to the peaceful way things used to be?

€ 5,99