Spy vs Spy
Spy vs Spy Omibus

tekenaar:  Antonio Prohias 
reeks: Spy vs Spy 
uitgever: Dc Comics 
uitgiftedatum: 15-10-2011 
taal: Nederlandstalig 
inkleuring: black/white 
afmetingen: 240x310x22mm  
pages: 368

Story and art by ANTONIO PROHIAS. Since the 1960s, "Spy vs. Spy" has been one of the most popular features in MAD Magazine. The diabolical duo of double-crosses and deceit (one dressed in black, the other in white) have continued to one-up each other - till death do them part. Now, their complete, original exploits are collected in hardcover. Don't miss a moment of the action! 

€ 49,95