Stooge Pile

artist:  Seth Scriver 
series: Stooge Pile 
publisher: Drawn And Quarterly 
publish date: 01-03-2010 
language: English 
genres: art

Seth Scriver's work is filled with lumpy men and women plucked from rural Canada - thick mustaches, plaid shirts and winter caps exchanging non-sequiturs and one-liners. Airbrushed Garfields, packs of wild dogs, flocks of birds, and more packs of wild dogs race through Scriver's paintings and drawings. Part of a crew of Canadian doodlers (like-minded folks such as Marc Bell (HOT POTATOE, THE STACKS), Peter Thompson (LUCKY ELLO), Amy Lockhard (DIRTY DISHES) and Keith Jones (BACTER-AREA), Scriver exemplifies a modern cartoon painting aesthetic - a type of fantasy world created through a stream-of-consciousness drawing style. His drawings present a palpable view of a hectic world in which cartoon bears and hunters engage in slapstick adventures.

€ 14,95