Stuff & nonsense

artist:  A. B. Frost 
series: Stuff & nonsense 
publisher: Fantagraphics 
language: English 
pages: 200
genres: graphic novel

This is the first extensive reprinting of comics stories by the celebrated American illustrator A.B. Frost (1851-1928), who in addition to his penwork and paintings was also a pioneer of the comic strip. This book collects the three albums of "sequential graphic stories" he published in his lifetime, and includes a variety of stories that highlight Frost's extraordinary skill at caricature and slapstick humor.

"A.B. Frost is the only comic artist we have or have had; the rest are mostly a disgrace even to this land of artless, childish vulgarians. Frost is still living, but art editors are dead." – Joseph Pennell, Pen Drawing and Draughtsmen: Their Work and Methods, 1920

€ 16,50