Sunday Funnies
Sunday Funnies

tekenaar:  Winsor McCay 
reeks: Sunday Funnies  
nummer: 2 
uitgever: Russ Cochran 
uitgiftedatum: 14-06-2012 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
pages: 96

The Sunday Funnies recaptures in full-color the magic of Sunday comic sections when they were a full 22" x 16" and each strip occupied a full page. This 96-page section, in three newspaper-style 32-page sections, all 22" x 16", is printed on a newspaper press on 60lb offset stock for maximum clarity and longevity. At 31 cents per page, access to these otherwise impossible-to-find classics of story and art are now affordable to all. Here's your chance to read and enjoy the greatest of the early comic strips just the way past generations enjoyed them. The Sunday Funnies #2 will contain classic Sunday pages from Gasoline Alley, Alley Oop, Bronc Peeler, Krazy Kat, Tarzan, Connie by Frank Godwin, Buck Rogers, and others!

€ 30,00