Trip to Tulum and other stories

artist: Milo Manara
volume: 3
publisher: Dark Horse
publish date:
edition: 1
language: English
coloring: full color
size: 220x283x26mm
pages: 268: Hard Cover

Milo Manara’s collaborations with legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini take center stage in this latest volume of The Milo Manara Library! Together, these two masters produced the beautiful, surreal stories “Trip to Tulum” and “The Voyage of G. Mastorna,” the latter of which is presented in English for the first time! Completing this volume is Manara’s collaboration with Silverio Pisu on the satirical update of a Chinese fable, “The Ape,” as well as a large selection of short stories displaying the maestro’s illustrative versatility!

* Stories by film legend Federico Fellini!

* “Manara Library volumes are flat-out gorgeous.”—Andrew A. Smith, Scripps Howard News Service

* Introduction by comics historian Paul Gravett

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