Johnny Ryan's XXX Scumbag Party

artist: Johnny Ryan
volume: 2
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 176:

Johnny Ryan is the one-man Mad magazine behind the quarterly comic-book series, Angry Youth Comix. He has made a name (Rolling Stone called him 2005's "Hot Cartoonist," based on much of the work from this collection) and built a cult audience with his audacious sense of humor, mixing absurdist slapstick, social parody, and a compulsion for the profane that borders on the Promethean in its rejection of self-censorship (the very title of this book may give some indication). Collecting issues six through ten of Angry Youth Comix as well as many other surprises, Johnny Ryan's XXX Scumbag Party features such signature Ryan characters as Boobs Pooter, Loady McGee, Sinus O'Gynus, Baby Johnson, and Blecky Yuckerella, as well as over 100 hilariously offensive gag cartoons peppered throughout the book.

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"So creatively scatological you can't help but laugh." – The Boston Globe

"Look, we just really want you to get into Johnny Ryan." – Bizarre

"If VICE had to summarize all its beliefs into one gigantic comic book, it would be Angry Youth Comix. It's poignant and crude and the funniest thing we've ever seen." – VICE Magazine

"Ryan brings his mixture of scatology, sex, and billingsgate to an acme of noxious hilarity." – Booklist

"The funniest cartoonist in the America (hands down)... Ryan isn't merely a satirist or social critic. He's an anarchist/terrorist." – Comic Book Bin

"There aren't many artists in any field who can match Ryan for sheer surreal creativity. His longer strips suggest a filthy hybrid of the Marx Bros. and Monty Python... Ryan's work is smart, crammed with ideas, and so funny it will melt your retinas." – Chicago Reader

"Utterly degenerate and utterly hilarious... I'm sympathetic to those who sneer at 'shock comedy' for the sake of shock, but my goodness Ryan's stuff is just...well, it's just really, really, really funny. It pushes transgressive buttons not with grim obviousness, but with a gleefully antic grossness, with cartooning so joyously alive (while still skilled and tight) that it doesn't feel hateful or ugly — just bursting with life-affirming awfulness." – Reason

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