The Mysterious Strangers
Strange Ways

artist:  Scott Kowalchuk 
volume: 1 
publisher: Oni Press 
publish date: 14-02-2014 
language: English 
coloring: full color 
pages: 160

The Swinging Sixties are back, and they're Stranger than ever! No one knows the Strange better than the Strangers. Michael, Verity, and Sandoval have seen it all - but there is always something even stranger waiting just around the corner. Mysterious temples, peculiar pop bands, and unidentified flying oddities are just a few of the things mystifying Absalom Quince and his team, sworn to protect the world from the Strange. This collection is perfect for longtime fans or for those not yet touched by the Strange! And a great addition to anyone's secret-passageway-concealing bookcase!

€ 19,99