Welcome to Forest Island

publisher: Top Shelf
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
pages: 128: Hard Cover

Welcome To Forest Island is the flagship monograph by Bwana Spoons, a painter, designer, screenprinter and zine rocker whose work has been featured on a dizzying array of shoes, skateboards, apparel, baby strollers, and gallery walls worldwide All 128 full-color pages - including paintings, maps, sketches, short comics, and more - are dedicated to Forest Island: the wild, hyperchromatic paradise Spoons has constructed with his art. Rendered in swaths of psychedelic fluorescents in a flurry of wild yet delicate brushwork, this book's explosive pages establish Spoons as an artist whose furious imagination is matched only by the intimacy of his handskills. Cloth-covered and case-bound with metallic stamping and custom embossing, this full-color compendium heralds not only the birth of a wild and wooly nation, but also the arrival of a major new force in the art world.

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