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artist: Johnny Ryan
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 176:
genres: humour

Collecting the first five Fantagraphics issues of Angry Youth Comix, and more! Featuring Johnny Ryan's signature creation, Loady McGee (and straight-man Synus O'Gynus), a misanthropic, acne-scarred hustler who finds himself in scams that would make Wimpy proud, and responds to almost everything with an endless stream of wisecracks, puns, and X-rated double entendres. Loady's ridiculous crackpot schemes serve as perfect comic set-ups, and Ryan's art is crammed with visual gags and existential asides that brings to mind the great Will Elder (MAD magazine). Needless to say, this is not politically correct stuff, nor is it for children. Ryan's in-your-face humor spares no prisoners, as these stories indicate: "Hipler," a riotous satire of our "extreme makeover" era and celebrity culture; "Ku Klux Kuties," which tests just how far the usual doe-eyed visual tropes can be taken and still make you go "Aww"; and Ryan's most infamous strip to date, "The Gaytriot," which caused a p.c. stir when it was included in The Comics Journal's otherwise-sincere and serious "Cartoonists on Patriotism" volume in 2002. It also features an all-new Gaytriot epilogue! Plus, 16 pages in color!

"Clearly more important than God and vitamins combined." – Dana Gould

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