Inner fury

series: Wolverine
publisher: Marvel
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
used condition: good
pages: 48:

In some dark past, a conspiracy tore open the skin of a man called Logan to test the limits of his enhanced healing ability. Between the screams, they fused his bone with an unbreakable alloy called adamantium. Before they stitched his flesh back together, they bonded metal to fit the claws of the berserker within that would come to be known as Wolverine.
That dark past is about to look like the good ol' days.
Now, the X-men on the razor's edge faces an even deadlier cabal: an enemy inside, a hi-tech virus raging through his blood to break down the unbreakable skeleton and push the mutant's healing factor past the limits of agony into death. And survival depends on Wolverine hunting down the mystery behind that Mchiavellian infection before it works its fatal malignancy on the rest of humanity. 

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