Dapper Caps & Pedal Copters

tekenaar: David Malki
reeks: Wondermark
nummer: 3
uitgever: Dark Horse
taal: Engelstalig
afmetingen: 220x230mm
pages: 96: Hard Cover

It's Wondermark time again! Come along for the ride as Dark Horse returns to David Malki's silly, bizarre, and hilarious world that's not quite present day, not quite the Victorian era, and not like anything else you've seen before. (Unless you've read the previous Wondermark books, of course!) This newest volume of the Eisner-nominated series contains over one hundred comic strips originally published in The Onion and on wondermark.com, plus many pages of additional material by creator David Malki. More than just webcomic collections, the Wondermark books have been praised for their magnificent design and loads of extra content for casual readers and superfans alike. 

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