Acme Novelty Library 18.5 - Thanksgiving

artist: Chris Ware
publisher: Drawn & Quarterly
publish date:
coloring: full color
genres: artportfolio

This print portfolio, somewhat hedgingly entitled The ACME Novelty Library, No. 18.5, contains all four "Thanksgiving" covers drawn by cartoonist and cultural commentator F. C. Ware for the November 27th, 2006 issue of the New Yorker, as well as the additional fifth comic strip which heretofore only appeared in digital form, all carefully printed in full color at an oversized 15" x 20" size on heavy paper and folded in half for easy recycling. As if this wasn't dreary enough, included is a new supplementary folded comic strip, measuring 16" x 11," which is also folded in half. Presented as the "Lower East Side" version of the even more ridiculously priced signed "Upper East Side" portfolio (which is, however, not folded in half) the consumer is asked to carefully weigh whether purchase of this object is truly necessary, and to act accordingly.

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