Alley Oop - The Complete Sundays
1936 - 1938

tekenaar:  Vincent T. Hamlin 
nummer: 2 
uitgever: Kitchen Sink 
uitgiftedatum: 12-09-2014 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
afmetingen: 415 x 310mm  
pages: 128

Presenting the second in a series that collects, in chronological order, all the full color Sunday pages of the classic newspaper strip! Go back in time to the prehistoric kingdom of Moo, and follow the strange, hilarious and outlandish Stone Age antics of V. T. Hamlin's intrepid caveman, Alley Oop! This oversized volume collects every Alley Oop Sunday strip from 1936 through 1938!

€ 75,00