Captain J. Star
Rockets - a way of life

tekenaar:  Steven Appleby 
reeks: Captain J. Star 
uitgever: Assorted Images 
uitgiftedatum: 1988 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: black/white 
conditie: goed
pages: 48

The actual book is completely undamaged but the dustcover is no longer glued together.

Enter the cold, stagnant world of Captain Star. Accompanied by First Officer Scarlette, Navigator Black and Atomic Engine Stoker Limbs Jones, the Captain negotiates a delicate course between damp, drizzling planets and shabby, spluttering suns in his ship the Boiling Hell. Terrifyingly normal, frighteningly empty - the bottomless void of Star's personality is exposed for all to stare into.

€ 50,00