City People Notebook

tekenaar:  Will Eisner 
uitgever: W.w. Norton 
uitgiftedatum: 2006 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: black/white 
genres: graphic novel

CITY PEOPLE NOTEBOOK (1989) is the sequel to Will Eisner's New York: The Big City. This is not a 'graphic novel' so much as a series of 32 vignettes and 'graphic essays' developed while researching New York. Centered on an examination of three facets of city life: Time, Space and Smell, Eisner brings to this task a lifetime of memories, encounters and experiences and shares them with consummate skill.

Eisner wrote: "During my relocation to Florida, these files were unearthed and the idea of harvesting this unused crop presented itself. As it always seems to happen, simple ideas quickly become complex projects, and soon I was at work 'tightening' sketches, filling gaps, and finally inking the whole shebang to fit a book format."

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