Crime does not Pay
Crime does not Pay volume 2 issues 26-29

All True Crime Stories

tekenaar:  Charles Biro 
nummer: 2 
uitgever: Dark Horse 
uitgiftedatum: 04-7-07-20 
taal: Engelstalig 
pages: 264
genres: crimeclassic

The celebrated pre-Code Crime Does Not Pay comics are finally collected into a series of unflinching and uncensored deluxe hardcovers! The infamous Crime Does Not Pay stories, focusing on criminal scum, nefarious mobsters, and urban legends, made Crime Does Not Pay one of the most popular comics of the 1940s. This series was a favorite target of censors and is partially responsible for the creation of the stifling Comics Code Authority! Revered, influential, and very hard to find, Crime Does Not Pay issues #26 to #29 are collected for your enjoyment and education!

€ 49,99