Dirks big bunny book (English edition)

tekenaar:  Dirk Verschure 
nummer: 1 
uitgever: Silvester 
uitgiftedatum: 01-06-2012 
taal: Engelstalig 
pages: 160
genres: animalshumour

Dirk's Bunnies are cute, fluffy and anything but suicidal. They have no reason to be because there is plenty to discover in their world. Whether it's a clothesline to the moon, stuffed nightmares or extreme Tupperware parties - the Bunnies will answer many nagging existential questions.

Dutchman Dirk Verschure lives in Berlin and is an animator by trade. Ever since he drew his first cartoon on March 23rd 2011 he hasn't been able to quit. Dirk posts a fresh cartoon on his Blog and Facebook daily. This book contains a 160 page compilation.

€ 14,95