Drawn Together

The Complete Works by that thing with 2 heads - Aline & R. Crumb

reeks: Drawn Together 
uitgever: Liveright 
uitgiftedatum: 2012 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
pages: 272

Who could have imagined that in 1972, when Aline Kominsky broke her foot one rainy fall day, it would result in the most unique collaboration in comics history? Laid up in her house, she was persuaded by R. Crumb, her nerdy, neurotic boyfriend, to pass the time drawing together a "two-man" comic. The result is Drawn Together, a jaw-dropping yet tender account, not only of the joys and challenges of a legendary marriage but also of the obstacles faced by struggling female artists. With an irresistible introduction and a striking four-color section, Drawn Together becomes a graphic cause-célèbre and a must-have for any comics devotee.

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