Everywhere Antennas

tekenaar: Julie Delporte
uitgever: Drawn & Quaterly
taal: Engelstalig
inkleuring: full color
afmetingen: 150x197mm
pages: 112:
genres: psychology

Julie Delporte's Everywhere Antennas is a deeply affecting, sparely constructed novel, equal parts Walden and The Bell Jar. In soft, flowing colored pencil, Delporte shows her narrator coming to term with a rare and misunderstood sensitivity to the radiation emitted by the televisions, cell phones, and computers that permeate urban life. Everywhere Antennas is the portrait of a woman caught in the margins, struggling to balance the demands of technology and modern life with the need to find meaningful relationships and work. With Everywhere Antennas, Julie Delporte proves herself to be a master craftswoman of heartbreakingly personal, beautifully literate graphic fiction.

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