Fat Freddy's Cat omnibus

publisher: Knockabout
publish date:
edition: 1
language: English
coloring: black/white

Fat Freddy's Cat began life as a footnote strip to the Freak Brothers and later appeared in many comics of his own. He is often to be found sleeping on the unfortunate Fat Freddy?s head. His constant battles with the never ending army of roaches out for world domination drive him to distraction, as does Fat Freddy's never-ending failure to feed him or empty his kitty litter box. As a result of this, his main hobbies seem to be shredding Fat Freddy's water bed and any other items he can sink his claws into, and finding places to leave surprise poop packages for Freddy to discover. This cat has variously gone travelling to Mexico, saved the world from alien invasion, and worked as a government agent in Washington trying to save the world from the "hee hee hee" drug. He has 3 nephews of unknown origin. He tends to regard the Freak Brothers with a fair bit of contempt, but despite the odd separation he always seems to hook back up with his inept roomies.

"Gilbert Shelton is as near as comics have come to producing a natural comedic genius. He is truly one of the greatest and most sublimely funny talents that the comics medium has to offer." -Alan Moore.

"The fully realised vision of a master storyteller and social critic." -Comics Journal.

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