Johnny Comet
Johnny Comet complete

tekenaar:  Frank Frazetta 
reeks: Johnny Comet 
uitgever: Vanguard 
uitgiftedatum: 01-04-2011 
druk: 1 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
genres: classicracing

This book collects the complete, pulse-pounding, illustrated adventures of midget-car racer Johnny Comet. Legendary, Hall of Fame illustrator Frank Frazetta leads us through Comet's high-speed adventures aided by writer Earl Baldwin and Indy 500 winner Peter DePaolo. Frazetta is best known as an icon of fantastic art, for his oil paintings of buxom beauties and brawny barbarians (Conan, Death Dealer, Tarzan), which have set record prices on the art market. However, Frazetta's diverse career included movie posters, humor work, album covers and, in 1952, landing the contract to illustrate Johnny Comet's newspaper-strip adventures was a dream come true for the then-burgeoning artist. His Johnny Comet work proved to be a hallmark that Frazetta was proud of the rest of his fabled career. Vanguard launches a multi-volume collection of Frazetta's classic works with The Complete Johnny Comet which, is reproduced from the artist's own proof along with meticulously-restored full-color Sunday strips. It has been 20 years since Johnny Comet has been collected. With this new, Vanguard Frezetta Classics edtion, featuring state-of-the-art reproduction techniques and an essay by award-winning illustrator, William Stout, Frazetta's Comet classics are beautifully back in print, as never before.

€ 24,95