Krazy & Ignatz The Complete Sunday Strips
The Complete Sunday Strips 1935-1944

tekenaar:  George Herriman 
nummer: 3 
uitgever: Fantagraphics 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
pages: 600
genres: classichumour

Our second limited-edition deluxe Krazy hardcover (it's Volume 3, but the second to be published) collects the second batch of five Krazy & Ignatz softcover books we have published, comprehensively compiling the years 1935 through 1944, under hard covers. It's not a slipcase, it's a single hardcover book. The covers to the original five softcover books are NOT included, but literally everything else is. A beautiful, must-have brick of a book for the Ignatz in you (though lobbing it at any unrequited love interests WILL cause serious physical harm — be warned).

"The Krazy & Ignatz books have been a godsend to comics fans... Each book is bizarre, sweetly amusing, and blissfully continuity-free." – "The Best Comics of the '00s: The Archives," The A.V. Club

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