Roger Kuntz the Shadow Between Representation and Abstraction

tekenaar:  Roger Kuntz 
reeks: Kuntz 
uitgever: Lagune Art Museum 
uitgiftedatum: 01-02-2009 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
pages: 163
genres: art

Roger Kunz was one of only a handful of artists in Los Angeles who achieved national recognition in the early 1960s. A Southern Californian painter and sculptor, known for his abstract expressionism and realism, he helped draw attention to regional works of Abstract Expressionism and affirmed Southern California as a center with a stable artistic tradition. This book has been published to coincide with the Kuntz Exhibition at the Laguna Art Museum and features an essay by curator Susan M. Anderson, an introduction by Peter Plagens, and several never before seen photographs of Kuntz's life and art.

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