La Fresque - Avril Leporello
La Fresque

tekenaar:  Fran├žois Avril 
uitgever: Champaka 
uitgiftedatum: 2010 
inkleuring: two color 
conditie: goed
oplage: 450 st. 
afmetingen: 135x190x17mm  
genres: art

"Francois Avril has created a themed mural that depicts the history of world-wide bande dessinée from the 1960s.

"Concerned to find a fitting means of commemorating Francois Avril’s elegant composition and to give it a life beyond the confines of the exhibition, Champaka has chosen to publish the mural image in the form of a “leporello” or “accordion-pleat” print. Avril’s fresco will be reproduced in the dimensions 1,890 mm long by 190 mm high, being 13 leaves measuring 135 mm.

In good condition, but the black paint on the cover is gone at some spots

€ 95,00