Li'l Abner Dailies volume Eleven: 1945

artist: Al Capp
series: Li'l Abner
volume: 11
publisher: Kitchen Sink
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
size: 230x305mm
pages: 168:

In 1945, World War II ended and a new age dawned. In Li'l Abner, Al Capp moved along with everyone else into this age, guiding vbhis immensely popular adventure strip into satire. At the top of his artistic and storytelling form, Capp was more than ready to greet the postwar era. In this book you'll meet Orson Waggon (Orson Welles), boy radio genius, who has a sensational idea: kill somebody during an actual broadcast --a somebody named Abner Yokum.

Also in this volume: Timberwolf McHowl, Moonbeam McSwine gets a bath; Fleabrain, Lonesome Polecat, Barbara Seville and another wild Sadie Hawkins Day Race. Introduction by Madeline Gardner, Al Capp's sister (with early family photos) and another fine intro by Dave Schreiner putting the year in historic context. 12" x 9" soft cover (168 pages)

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