The complete dailies & color sundays volume Eigth: 1949-1950

artist: Al Capp
series: Li'l Abner
volume: 8
publisher: IDW Publishing
publish date:
edition: 1
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 272:

“Start the day right — kick a Kigmy and avoid a fight!” Introducing the hilarious Kigmy, the critter that loves to be kicked in order to relieve the world’s frustrations! Plus, Abner takes on Evil-Eye Fleegle and Battlin’ McNoodnik, while Wolf Gal, Hawk Gal, and Pig Gal create a frantic Sadie Hawkins Day. Then Abner goes out west in search of Three-Gun Carson and tours the sights in the republic of El Passionato. But that’s nothing — Mammy travels all the way to Planet Pincus Number Seven! It’s out of this world action and laughs in Li’l Abner Volume 8!


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