Lizard of oz

tekenaar:  Mark Bode 
reeks: Lizard of oz 
uitgever: Fantagraphics 
uitgiftedatum: 14-07-2004 
taal: Engelstalig 
pages: 64
genres: underground

Working from ideas developed by Vaughn Bodé right before his death, his son Mark has re-enlisted his father's entire cast of characters for The Lizard of Oz, a full-color graphic novel that pays playful homage to and parodies the classic L. Frank Baum fairy tale (and its beloved film adaptation). Blessed with an original full-color wraparound cover by Vaughn Bodé (one of his last completed works), augmented with a long introduction by Bodé expert and Paper magazine contributor Carlo McCormick that explores the legacies of both Bodé and Oz creator L. Frank Baum, as well as with a sketchbook of Mark's preparatory work for this ambitious book.

"All of the Bodé trademarks are here; Cheech, the Bodé Babes, the humor of Junkwaffel, colors that leap off the page and a subtle humor that will cause a smile and then break into a laugh. [...] This is a fantastic tribute to one of the finest artists of the seventies, and it's made that much sweeter in that Mark Bodé has done it." – Barry Hunter

€ 12,95