Mad: Artist's Edition HC

tekenaar:  Harvey Kurtzman 
uitgever: Idw 
uitgiftedatum: 01-02-2013 
druk: 1 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
afmetingen: 380x560mm  
pages: 196

Before MAD Magazine was read in nearly every household, there was MAD Comics. Written and edited by the brilliant Harvey Kurtzman, and drawn by the best and most creative cartoonists of the time, including Wally Wood, Bill Elder, Jack Davis, and Basil Wolverton, MAD was the most innovative satirical publication ever unleashed upon the youth of America.

This very special Artist’s Edition features more than 20 incredible stories and 15 classic covers—including the cover of MAD #!—and every issue of MAD from #1 to #18 is represented by either a cover or story (and often both!) and is scanned from the actual original art and printed same-size as drawn—A massive 15 x 22 inches! If you are a fan of MAD, or just great cartooning, this is the Artist’s Edition for you—192 gigantic pages of MAD goodness!

Including art from the usual gang of idiots; Wally Wood, Bill Elder, Jack Davis, Basil Wolverton and others

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