Magic bottle

series: Magic bottle
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 32: Hard Cover

An original, first graphic novel from the acclaimed California painter Camille Rose Garcia (her work has been shown in Juxtapoz, Art Issues and Paper, and exhibited in galleries and museums up and down the west coast), the first of a proposed series set in the fantasyland of the Lost World of the Peppermint Islands. In The Magic Bottle, Lulu Blackenshoe lives in a gray world dominated by factories, landfills and giant corporations. Nature has all but disappeared in her world, but no one notices because of the antidepressants they're on. Lulu (who never takes her medicine) feels an increasing sense of dread and despair, until her fate changes one cold day when she finds a magic bottle containing a map. Drawn by pirates long ago, this map shows the way to the lost world of the Peppermint Islands, sunk to the bottom of the sea 400 years ago in the great battle between the pirates and the capitalists. Suddenly, Lulu has the chance to save the last remaining wild animals on earth, but she'll have to battle the Peppermint Man and the Great Trading Company in order to defeat the capitalist machine out to ruin the natural world. Presented in a faux-children's book format, though aimed squarely at adults and young adults.

"A critique of America's mass consumer culture, Garcia's work expresses the artist's political message using metaphorical gothic cartoons." – Paper

"In the twisted mindscapes of Camille Rose Garcia, an everpresent struggle against the sinister forces takes on many forms — and it's not always clear who's on what side. Surprisingly, though, an eerie cuteness and a likable sense of familiarity often emerge from these dark, oozing landscapes." – Juxtapoz

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