Male Call: The Complete Newspaper Strips

Starring Miss Lace

tekenaar: Milton Caniff
reeks: Male Call
uitgever: Hermes Press
druk: 1
taal: Engelstalig
inkleuring: b/w
Hard Cover

Miss Lace is back and she’s with Hermes Press! Milton Caniff’s famous good girl, created just for servicemen during WW II, known to GI Joes everywhere as “Lace,” is available to all her fans in a deluxe hardcover art book reprinting the entire run of the strip. Move over Rita Hayworth, sultry, sassy Miss Lace and her daily adventures are being given royal treatment with a host of extras including a detailed intro by noted Caniff historian R.C. Harvey. Also including in this deluxe reprint of the strip is unused art, documentary materials, advertising art and more.

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