My Dirty Dumb Eyes

tekenaar:  Lisa Hanawalt 
uitgever: Drawn And Quarterly 
uitgiftedatum: 17-05-2013 
inkleuring: full color 
pages: 160

My Dirty Dumb Eyes is the highly anticipated debut collection from award-winning cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt. Her unique comics intermingle drawings, paintings, single-panel gag jokes, funny lists, and anthropomorphized animals in the service of satirical, startlingly observant commentary on pop culture, contemporary society, and human idiosyncrasies. Whether she's revealing the secret lives of celebrity chefs or explaining that what dogs really want are tennis ball brides, My Dirty Dumb Eyes will have readers rolling in the aisles, as Hanawalt's insights into human (and animal) behavior startle and delight time and again.

€ 22,95