Nicola Verlato
From Verona With Rage

tekenaar:  Nicola Verlato 
reeks: Nicola Verlato 
uitgever: Last Gasp 
uitgiftedatum: 24-07-13 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
afmetingen: 229x305mm  
pages: 160
genres: artpaintings

Italian born painter Nicola Verlato believes deeply in the power of figurative painting. From Verona with Rage features works created over the past 5 years since moving his studio to the United States. Verlato daringly combines techniques and skills borrowed from the old masters with themes more pop culture than Raphael. 

Regardless of the stew of pop-culture sign-posts found in his work, ranging from Disney to rock ‘n’ roll, to movie stars, comics and pornography, his central argument — that nothing evokes an emotional reaction more than the human form — is borne out by his highly dramatic tableaus. Verlato's engrossing paintings manifest ample technical skill, but more importantly, they draw us in and ask us to consider the meaning of it all.
An entire chapter of the book is devoted to Verlato's extremely involved modeling and sketching process. Nicola Verlato lives and works in Los Angeles. 

120 color illustrations

€ 34,95