Pinky & Stinky

tekenaar:  James Kochalka 
reeks: Pinky & Stinky 
uitgever: Top Shelf 
uitgiftedatum: 2012 
taal: Engelstalig 

Nominated for the Eisner Award!

Now in a new edition, with a new cover!

"Kochalka's work makes me feel like I did when I was six years old. He brings the joy back to comics." -- Frank Miller, creator of Sin City, 300, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

"Oh, lord, did Pinky & Stinky make me six years old again." -- Artbomb

Pinky & Stinky are fat little piglets, but just because they're cuties that doesn't mean they're not brave astronauts! Determinedly, they embark on a daring mission to be the first pigs on Pluto, but things go horribly wrong as soon as the journey begins and they crash land on the moon. Soon they find themselves playing a pivotal role in the moon men's battle to free themselves from the oppression of the American space program! This is an unabashedly fun book, like Star Wars mixed with Pokemon, if you can believe that! Packed with action, adventure, and cute little cuties! -- 208 pages

€ 15,00