Love's not a Three Dollar Fare

More Stories From "Unsupervised Existence" by Tarry LaBan

tekenaar: Terry LaBan
reeks: Tarry LaBan
uitgever: Fantagraphics
taal: Engelstalig
inkleuring: black/white
pages: 128:
genres: dramahumour

Danny is a cab-driving poet with a heart of gold and a spine of mush. His live-in girlfriend, Suzy, is an angst-filled intellectual who's interested in everything but paying her share of the rent. They, and their many odd friends and acquaintaces, fill the pages of this comic collection in stories that are hilarious, tragic, painfully honest and always entertaining. Critically acclaimed, Harvey-award nominated, the comics in Love's Not a Three Dollar Fare practically leap off the printed page to surprise and move you, in a way that will have you coming back to read them again and again.

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