The Horror of Collier County

tekenaar:  Rich Tommaso 
uitgever: Dark Horse 
uitgiftedatum: 05-09-2001 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: black/white 
pages: 144
genres: zombies

Everyone knows that the state of Florida can be a pretty scary place -- swamps, alligators, bugs the size of small cars, zombies ... zombies?! Escaping the stresses of city life, a young single mom visits her own mother in the hurricane state, only to find more tension -- and of a seriously freakish nature. Writer/artist Rich Tommaso has an inviting, clear-line style and a knack for blending the creepiness of everyday existence with the surreal feel of a '50s creature feature. With a weed-whacker for a weapon and the world against her, this punk-rock mommy will take down every zombie in the state of Florida, if need be. Is Florida really haunted by the undead? Or is it just the recent presidential election that makes it seem so?! 

€ 12,95