The Losers

tekenaar:  Jack Kirby 
reeks: The Losers 
uitgever: Dc Comics 
uitgiftedatum: 11-03-2009 
taal: Engelstalig 
inkleuring: full color 
afmetingen: 267x180x21mm  
pages: 240
genres: superheroes

For the first time, Jack Kirby's tales of World War II are collected! In 1974, while Jack Kirby was hard at work on such mind-bending epics as MISTER MIRACLE and KAMANDI, he also created a series of stories that drew on his own experiences in World War II. Starring DC war heroes Johnny Cloud, Captain Storm, Gunner and Sarge, this volume features stories in which The Losers stop a German attack using a tactic found in a comic book, German and American athletes who faced each other at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin meet again on the field of combat, and much more! Don't miss this amazing collection of tales from OUR FIGHTING FORCES #151-162, and featuring a foreword by best-selling author Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN).
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